The Service Excellence Report 2021 - management summary

We are pleased to present the eighth report of the Service Excellence Cockpit. Once again, over 200 service organizations from numerous European countries took part in this year’s survey. Most participants come from the DACH region, but there are also more and more service centers from other European countries that are interested in the results of our report and therefore decide to participate in the survey. This is not least due to the still missing, generally accepted and established benchmarks or KPIs.

Megatrends such as globalization, technological progress, the increasing interchangeability of products and services, and the interconnectivity between these factors mean that almost every company today is facing ever-increasing competitive pressure. To meet these challenges, it needs clear competitive ad- vantages and differentiation factors compared to today’s and tomorrow’s competition.

One of the most important differentiating factors here is customer management and with it a positive customer experience. Superior customer service and high service quality are essential components for lasting market success.

Superior customer management represents an important differentiation factor from the competition and is an essential component for lasting market success.

Against this background, it is hardly surprising that the strategic perception of the service center reflects this trend and has risen steadily in recent years, despite a slight decline this year. 76 percent of the service centers surveyed today attribute a very important or important strategic significance to the service center within the company…..

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