The comprehensive Benchmark solution for your customer management

Measure and compare your customer service and find out where to improve


Service Excellence Cockpit is the online benchmarking solution to capture and display a 360° KPI-set for customer service

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With more than 200 attendees, you can become a part of the biggest benchmarking database for customer management!

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Information about the survey and about the usage of the cockpit.

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„On one side the cockpit allwed us to confirm your decisions taken, on the oder side it is a valuable basis to discuss organisational topics with your management."
Daniel Hügli,  Luzerner Kantonalbank
„Thanks to the elaborate KPI’s and the pleasantly organised networking with other participants, we can continuously identify areas for improvements.“
Johann-Josef Jossen,  SBB AG
"Service excellence cockpit enables to watch beyond the borders oft he company and the industry. Particularly I like how the cockpit team responds to the needs of the users. We suggested adding the ratio number of contacts by number of clients. In the following release this KPI was built in, thanks a lot!“
Johannes Kroker,  Entega Energie GmbH

The Cockpit explained in 2 minutes! Watch this video:

We give you an effective tool to plan and control your service center.

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Your key to success – Service Excellence Cockpit!