Success thanks to excellent customer service

Rémon Elsten and Daniel Stiefel are convinced that an excellent customer service is the increasingly becoming an important and the most sustainable competitive advantage for companies, particularly as products become more interchangeable. Both are founders and managing partners of the Service Excellence Cockpit and bring many years of work and consulting experience in the field of customer management.

Rémon Elsten

Daniel Stiefel

They founded Forward Benchmark in 2013 believing that benchmarking is an important management tool that helps to constantly improve the business. Only knowing the own position in the market allows to determine the target position and take actions to get there.

This is particularly true for customer service where already the measurement is often a challenge. Thus the Service Excellence Cockpit shall be more than a pure benchmarking tool. With the mindset of benchmarking – to learn from the best – Service Excellence Cockpit provides customer service responsibles a platform for sharing their experiences and challenges. There are regular events about current topics in the fields of customer service.

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