"The market report is very inspiring, especially the excursus on the "strategic management KPIs in customer service", and I would like to give a big compliment from my side. This contributes to the fact that customer centricity is becoming more and more important in our company".
Gert-Michael Hoffmann,  SV Sparkassen Versicherung
The constant benchmarking with other service service centers assures that we do not miss trends in the market. For this purpose the Service Excellence Cockpit is suited very well as our indicator.”
Johann-Josef Jossen,  Leiter SBB Contact Center,  SBB AG
„In some cases we were able to confirm past decisions. On the other hand, it gave us a basis for discussion at some organizational issues “.
Daniel Hügli,  Luzerner Kantonalbank
“Service Excellence Cockpit enables us to determine a bench-mark in a simple way and thus supports us in taking the right decisions for the further development of the service centre.”
Sascha Kretz,  Helvetia Insurance
With the outcome of the cockpit I was able to represent important decision bases to our management in an understandable way and based on facts.“
Raphael Raetzo,  Bereichsleiter Support Center,  Raiffeisen Schweiz
"Service excellence cockpit enables to watch beyond the borders of the company and the industry. Particularly I like how the cockpit team responds to the needs of the users. We suggested adding the ratio number of contacts by number of clients. In the following release this KPI was built in, thanks a lot!“
Johannes Kroker,  Entega Energie GmbH

Your key to success – Service Excellence Cockpit!