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How is the performance of your loyalty program compared to the competition? Find out about your strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Are these questions bothering you:

  • How “healthy” is my program really?
  • Are the costs of my program in line with the market?
  • Are our program members active enough?

If so, then the current Loyalty Benchmark Study 2019 provides you with the right answers!

For example, we found that the importance of customer satisfaction and retention is high on the management agenda.

This confirms the continued positive development in loyalty programs. More and more companies invest directly in the customer and rely on customer loyalty programs or plan an introduction to optimize the customer experience.

In our survey, 42 percent of companies surveyed said they offered a loyalty program.


More than 200 participants from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain and Ukraine took part in the survey. Of these, around 50 participants provided information on the key performance indicators (KPIs) of their bonus programmes. These are data that cannot be found anywhere else. Despite the mass of bonus programs, there is hardly any publicly accessible information worldwide on best-practice benchmarks, even less on the programme KPIs.

Loyalty Report 2019

The current answers to the above and other loyalty relevant questions are now available in our Report 2019 or in the Online Loyalty Benchmark Cockpit.

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  • The Loyalty Report is primarily aimed at customer loyalty managers and, from a strategic point of view, at representatives of the C level.
  • The survey takes place annually between January and April.
  • The data of the participating companies are presented in aggregated form.
  • Industry specifics can be filtered out using the online Benchmark Cockpit.