Welcome to Europe's largest independent Loyalty KPI study!

In contrast to other studies, we concentrate on key performance indicators (inside out). We leave comparisons of the programme offering (outside in) to others.

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Why is loyalty marketing more important today than ever before?

In our world of interchangeable products and services (commodities), loyalty marketing is increasingly becoming a decisive competitive advantage.

However… and here lies the decisive weakness: in practice, loyalty marketing is rarely measured by its performance. Unfortunately, customer loyalty programmes in particular are often ‘flying blind’. One of the reasons for this is the lack of control over the relevant key performance indicators: Which KPIs are we tracking, what is their target value, where is the benchmark?

We want to remedy this situation by creating a neutral knowledge database – with the aim of making loyalty programme management measurable and comparable and continuously improving it on this basis.

In 2020, more than 100 participants from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Spain took part in the survey.

Participation in the study is open to everyone and free of charge.

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What else you can learn from the report:

  • How ‘healthy’ is my programme really?
  • Do the results & key figures correspond to the benchmark?
  • Are our programme members active enough?

Example – extract from the 2021 Loyalty Benchmark:

Basically, all customer loyalty programs can be grouped into 4 models. Thus, there are models that reward customers with immediate benefits such as «Discounts & Exclusive Product Information» and those with delayed benefits such as «Points & Loyalty Vouchers», both with the goal to to encourage the customer to repeat purchases. Among the respondents, programs with immediate benefits such as discounts as well as delayed benefits such as points and loyalty vouchers are the most prevalent.

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We look forward to your contribution!


  • The Survey takes about 10 minutes
  • The target group are those responsible for the customer program
  • Information is treated confidentially and presented to third parties in aggregated form only
  • Results will be made available to participating companies in July
  • Industry specifics can be filtered out via the benchmark cockpit


Get the Service Excellence Cockpit: Loyalty Report 2023 here.