Welcome to Europe's largest Loyalty KPI study - survey 2022 open until the end of June 2022

Unlike other surveys, we focus on key performance indicators (inside out). We leave the comparison of the program offer (outside in) to others.

In 2020, more than 100 participants from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Spain took part in the survey.

Participation in the survey is open to everyone and free of charge.

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What you will find out:

  • How is the performance of my loyalty program compared to the competition?
  • Do the results and parameters correspond to the benchmark?
  • Are the costs of my program in line with the market?
  • Are our program members active enough?

Example – extract from the 2021 Loyalty Benchmark:

Basically, all customer loyalty programs can be grouped into 4 models. Thus, there are models that reward customers with immediate benefits such as «Discounts & Exclusive Product Information» and those with delayed benefits such as «Points & Loyalty Vouchers», both with the goal to to encourage the customer to repeat purchases. Among the respondents, programs with immediate benefits such as discounts as well as delayed benefits such as points and loyalty vouchers are the most prevalent.

Here you can register for the 2022 survey until the end of June-> REGISTER

We look forward to your contribution!


  • The Survey takes about 10 minutes
  • The target group are those responsible for the customer program
  • Information is treated confidentially and presented to third parties in aggregated form only
  • Results will be made available to participating companies in July
  • Industry specifics can be filtered out via the benchmark cockpit