The Service Excellence Report 2022 is available!

We are pleased to present the ninth report of the Service Excellence Cockpit. Once again, over 200 service organizations from numerous European countries took part in this year’s survey. Most participants come from the DACH region, but there are also more and more service centers from other European countries that are interested in the results of our report and therefore decide to participate in the survey.

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Customer Experience – Trade-off between customer loyalty and increasing efficiency

The fact that the importance of customer satisfaction and loyalty is high on the management agenda is confirmed by the positive development of loyalty programmes. But in addition to the goal of improving customer experience, companies also have to ensure that customer service is handled as efficient as possible.

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Service Excellence – Increased strategic importance of customer management

Companies are increasingly understanding the potential of a professional customer management and are obviously also willing to invest. The main reason for this trend is a desire to differentiate on the basis of excellent customer experiences.

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The use of Net Promotor Scores is spreading in Service Centers

Customer service is becoming more strategic …
The strikingly development towards a more strategic awareness of the customer service is confirmed by a widespread use of Net Promoter Scores as a strategic indicator for customer satisfaction. Already 40 percent of those questioned use the NPS and further 13 percent are planning to introduce it.

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The Service Excellence Market Report 2019 is available!

Order Europe’s most comprehensive Service Center Benchmarking Report and use it to get an overview of the customer service market and learn about the latest trends in the industry, such as the deployment status of online communication channels. It also includes an excursus about “Efficiency and customer satisfaction – no contradiction.”

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A 10% increase of employee satisfaction results in a 3% increase of customer satisfaction!

Everybody is talking about digitalization an machine learning, but now we can prove that you cant ignore the human touch within customer management. Customer service is most succesfull if the employees are motivated!

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The digital Service Center

Digitalisation is currently on everyone’s lips and does not stop at the service centers. In this context, the ‘Doomsday scenarios’ are also prophesied in the media. Headings such as ‘The call center agent has had his day’ or ‘Call center: Do we just have to talk with robots?’ are not a rarity.

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New benchmarking figures: Customer Loyalty

For the first time, service excellence cockpit captured information about loyalty programmes – as an extension to the chlient experience KPIs (participating is optional for service center managers).

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