Comprehensive Benchmarking for your Customer Management

The Service Excellence Cockpit is the online benchmarking solution to capture, display and compare the established state-of-the-art KPIs in customer service and provides management with an effective instrument for planning, managing and controlling the customer service.

Customer Management

Service Excellence Cockpit covers the customer managemnet processes along the customer journey: customer service, customer loyalty, campaigns and customer experience.

Detailed content

The cockpit covers below six topics


KPIs for location, languages, type of service, office hours and aims


KPIs for certificates, process and quality management


KPIs for Service Leve, First Contact Resolution, use of Self Service, cost and outsorcing


KPIs on the number and structure of employees, employment contract, salary, recruitment, education, development, fluctuation, employee assessment and employee satisfaction

Processes / Technology

KPIs for used channels for each process, with volumes. Toolsupport for staff scheduling and load balancing, IVR language recognition etc


KPIs for customer satisfaction and complaint management


Here you find the complete set of questions for your service center KPI's:

Questionaire Service Excellence Cockpit

Your key to success – Service Excellence Cockpit!