Frequently asked Questions


We provide the underlying definition in the help text on each issue and are using the recognized standards based on the current definitions (like EN 15 838).

Firstly, we appeal to the individual responsibility of the participants and have the cockpit adjusted so that a participant sees no evaluations, where he himself has not given any details. On the other hand, the system makes certain plausibility checks, e.g. when the service level in the telephone channel has been entered in days rather than seconds or minutes. Such obvious incorrect entries will be deleted.

Since 2015, the participants may decide to disclose their company name. Again, the principle applies that only those who disclose its name also sees the other participants (which disclose their name).

The collection, storage and use of data is done in accordance with the Swiss data protection law. Crystal Benchmark stores the data with the purpose of evaluating and to publish them in an aggregated and anonymous form. The information is strictly confidential and is not used for marketing purposes. Crystal benchmark will not forward data to third parties, except in an aggregated and anonymous form to industry associations and (IT Provider) service partners who need the data in the context of order processing.

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Participation in the survey is free. If you enter your data, a cockpit subscription can be purchased at any time later. If no own data has been entered, the possibility remains to purchase the Market Report.

Participation in the survey already provides you the following added value:

  • a check of if your current set of KPI’s is complete
  • a documentation of your current performance on the base of the established state-of-the-art set of KPI’s (based on the European Norm EN 15838)
  • first feedback as to the state of your service operation
  • the management summary of the market report
  • the option to upgrade for the benchmarking product in the Service Excellence Cockpit

That’s not possible at the moment. We will analyze the need and possibly realize it in a future release.

Cockpit and benchmarking

All values, if entered, are also shown in the time comparison: the company itself, the peer group and the market segment.

We develop the Service Excellence Cockpit continually, also based on valuable input from our users. So we add some questions or response options each year. For example the question “How many client do you serve with your service center?” is new in 2016.

In 2015, the number of participants in the Service Excellence cockpit has doubled. Many service centers are from abroad and there are new service centers for specialized customer concerns. We recommend you to limit the desired comparison as accurately as possible by the selections of the peer groups.

The total of 100% is being calculated over all categories of employees (employees, supervisors, team leaders, management)

In the two-year comparison, the points of the comparison year are displayed on a horizontal level.
Unfortunately, this is an error which appears in all bar graphs with only one dimension. With “mouse rollover” you can see which values underlie. We are sorry for this invonvenience!

You can order a management presentation (extra charge) and together with specialiszed consultants you will be able to analyze and discuss the results.

Peer groups and market segments

While you are always part of a peergroup, you can choose the market segment independently. For example you can compare yourself with service centers in an other country or an other industry.

There are different ways to form a peer group, this can be selected in “My Account / Settings”. Multiple selection is possible. In this case, the intersection will be selected. Note: peer groups with less than 4 participants are not displayed for data protection reasons.

Peer group Cluster
Country According to participants, currently
Industry Banking and Financial Services
Insurances, Health Insurers
Energy supply
Information and Communication
Manufacturing / production of goods
Call Center Services
Other services
Client Type B2B *
B2C *
Internal customers *
* if 80% or more of this type
Type of Service Center Inhouse service center
Service provider for third parties
Company Size (No of employees in Service Center) 1 – 10
11 – 20
21 – 50
51 – 100
101 – 1000
> 1001
Number of contacts per month 1 – 5’000
5’001 – 20’000
20’001 – 50’000
50’001 – 100’000
> 100’000
Share of outsourcing
(share of total costs)
No outsourcing
Intra group Company / Group internal benchmarking,
(only for holders of a group license)