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Market intelligence is as good as the quality of the underlying data. Though the survey is integral part of the Service Excellence Cockpit and free of charge. You decide which questions you would like to answer, for these KPIs you will get benchmarking results in the online cockpit. The data are kept in Switzerland and treated strictly confidential.

Your added value by participating in the survey:

  • a check if your current set of KPI’s is complete
  • a documentation of your current performance on the base the established, state-of-the-art set of KPI’s
  • first feedback as to the state of your service operation
  • the management summary of the market report

Online Cockpit

The output part is the core of the Service Excellence Cockpit. You can select a question and a dynamic interpretation will be displayed. The output can also be exported as pdf, either question by question or in my account for each chapter or even the survey as a whole. Market- and peerdata are presented in a form that it is not possible to conclude to a single company.

With the online cockpit you benefit from a wide range of benchmarking analysis. You can select one or multiple of these peergroups and market segments:

  • Country
  • Industry
  • Services
  • Type of client
  • Type of service center
  • Company size
  • Share outsourcing
  • Number of contacts

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